I am we are Zimbabwean

Posted on 23/07/2010


Before I left for work today, I picked up my passport and smiled (from within). I held it in my left hand for several minutes while my mind raced with a multitude of thoughts. I looked down at the hand holding my passport again, bowed my head and prayed. I prayed for my country this morning. I opened my eyes and starting thinking. I was actually running late for work at this stage.

As I looked at the green document, I instantly thought about the lush green vegetation of the Eastern Highlands. I miss home already. On the front of my passport as with most passports, is the name of a country. In my case the country is clearly printed: – ZIMBABWE. I thought about that for a few seconds and then these thoughts came to me: –

  • Nowhere in my passport does it indicate what tribe I belong to
  • I couldn’t find any page (apart from my photo) that described my race either
  • I searched for the page that details my socio-economic background. Interestingly enough I couldn’t find that
  • Curious about my political view, I looked for that page with such haste especially given recent years –  nope, still nothing
  • No details of which schools I attended or which side of the ‘track’ I grew up
  • No information on what my religious beliefs are

My passport just simply indicates to me and to the next immigration official I come across, that I am in fact Zimbabwean

Xenophobia, racism, tribalism & sexism exist in this world. I believe that we as people are naturally different & yet we find more ways to segregate.

So I ask myself, why we as Zimbabweans continue to look for all sorts of reasons to segregate each other when our Zimbabwean passports confirm what already is a fact – that we’re all Zimbabweans to me and indeed that immigration official.

PS I made it to work on time funnily enough. Life is funny like that sometimes.

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