For Africa, I wrote this in 2002-ish

Posted on 18/07/2010


I stumbled across this today, whilst looking for something else I wrote on something completely different. I thought it was poignant to share especially at a time like this.

Wi royalty

If we stopped and listened to our own silence
We would hear the beat of a drum
We would recognise that same beat
It has been reverberating since the beginning of time
Way before the discovery of wine
This beat signifies the arrival
The arrival of royalty
Indeed we are royalty

The world today is fixated on self
So much so, that we have forgotten who we are
Who we were
And who we will become tomorrow
What happened to ‘we’?
‘We’ are poetry
A beautiful melody
The sound of tranquillity
Tell me
Can anyone hear me?

We epitomise strength
The very last breath
We are a love song in the distance
And planned for
Yet we hesitate
What are we waiting for?
This moment right here
This very moment is ours
Yet we often hold back like cowards
We need to remember
We are royalty
We need to encourage this mentality
Throughout our community
We are royalty
For this is our true reality 


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