Err blood diamonds you say?

Posted on 07/07/2010


The other day I discovered that Zimbabwe is currently sitting on USD1.7 billion worth of diamonds whilst we all wait for the Kimberly Process to be finalised. My day job involves crunching numbers so going by my rough calculations, that USD1.7 billion is approximately 30% of our IMF outstanding loan balance. However I’m not entirely sure the funds will be utilised in that manner once we get the necessary approval. This brings me to my next point or rather my ‘simple’ observation. I’ve read many articles and tweets on this blood diamond issue in recent weeks and I am now really intrigued by it all. Like some people out there, I watched the Blood Diamond movie and heard the Kanye West blood diamond song too. So needless to say I have an image in my head of the blood diamond type transactions. One running theme in all these recent articles has been this notion that these Zimbabwean diamonds are in fact ‘blood diamonds’. I don’t know much about diamond mining, the background or how to even identify blood diamonds from the rest. In fact I don’t know anyone in my social circle who works in this industry. When I really think about it, I have never heard of anyone refusing diamonds on the basis that they suspected them of actually being blood diamonds – not once! Never! Never heard of this before! I’m struggling to picture a young man proposing to his beloved girlfriend and beautiful she in this case pausing and then blurting out ‘Err honey, are you sure these aren’t blood diamonds’? I just can’t see that happening ever or maybe it’s just me….

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