Let us Pray

Posted on 01/07/2010


Dear Father

It’s been many years since I wrote to You
The seasons changed, we grew older but today – today I thank You
I thank You for reminding me that love still prevails
With recent events in my own life, I know now that with You beside me I cannot fail
Forgive me Father, there was a time I thought You had given up on us
Your embrace made me see that it was indeed my lack of trust

Lord I thank You for blessing me with this ability to write
You know that my art is written in my own attempt to uplift and fight
Uplift, engage and fight to remind us to appreciate what we have in our lives
I am often reminded that because of Your love for us, we will always survive
Lord I pray for our families scattered across the globe
I pray especially for those still living in the dark and haven’t been told
Your love strengthen us and Your Son will eventually return to this earth
In the meantime we must wait and prepare for society’s rebirth

Today Lord I pray for Africa but more importantly my entire country
Guide our leaders as they work side by side to restore our battered economy
I ask You to unite my brethen as we work together to heal our nation
Rejuvenate our faith in You and help us restore our much needed sense of patience

In Your name I pray


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