Zim Trip June 2010 part (i)

Posted on 22/06/2010


This trip was designed to be short and action packed. I didn’t get to carry out my usual ‘Zim trip’ routine. I have a rather strange routine whenever I come home. For example I visit various supermarkets across Harare comparing prices in my attempt to gauge how the ‘common person’ is living. I talk to staff at work to establish how they’re finding things in real terms. I always ask them how often to go home to the village for instance and of course how their families are doing in general. In my head, the frequency tells me a lot about the financial situation in their own homes. The feedback from the staff indicates that so far so good, although work still needs to be done. More thoughts to share and document on this.

On the face of it, some products in the shops are competitively priced as companies jostle for market share amongst other things. What I could tell from a mile away was that companies are now making strides in running and managing sustainable businesses whilst accepting that the extremely high margin days are long gone now. The market is flooded with various products and locally based companies have to compete with imported products from South Africa et al.

There is much to say this time around and over the next few days or weeks I will share and document my thoughts accordingly.