Zimbabwe vs Brazil in Harare

Posted on 02/06/2010


I tweeted this last week: –

Interesting fact: Brazil will become the first international side from outside Africa to play in #Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. #Zim

Yesterday Brazil arrived in Harare greeted by many fans. One can understand why – this is after all ‘the Brazilian football team’ on Zimbabwean soil. I need not repeat that sentence. Much of the world has isolated us and yet Brazil took some time out and played in a friendly game at the Harare Sports Stadium today. I watched the game ‘live’ thanks in part to technology & our friends at ESPN – the little APP on my phone allowed me to watch the game whilst sitting at my desk in an open plan office. People must have been wondering what I was up to all that time. I didn’t care! The Brazilian team was in Zimbabwe! Ha! I celebrated when they scored not because I am unpatriotic – of course if you continue reading this blog you will quickly realise that this is quite the contrary. I celebrated the joy of football today and what a simple game like this can actually do for the people of Zimbabwe scattered across the globe. I smiled from within today.

The game ended and we lost 3:0. The fans didn’t care really; the score wasn’t the focal point today. We ALL (far and wide) celebrated the simple fact that Brazil came to OUR beloved Zimbabwe. I hope that gesture in itself sends a massive signal to those teams particularly the cricket nations that STILL refuse to visit Zimbabwe. Isolating us will only last for a limited period but sooner or later the world will embrace us just as they did before. That small step was made today.

May God bless Zimbabwe!