Indigenisation and Empowerment Policy

Posted on 23/04/2010


I have vigilantly watched this national story unfold in recent weeks and one thing I must say is the process is being slowly dragged out – for good reason of course. The market reacted. It just wasn’t workable; investors, the stock market and business alike reacted negatively towards this policy. As at today we are nowhere closer to finalising this issue as yet. I must however add that given the circumstances I think it is imperative that we stop, discuss and dissect the proposed policy taking into consideration the possible repercussions of this much anticipated policy should things proceed as they currently stand today.

 I have come to realise that the key to this debacle lies in the definition of the word ‘indigenous’. Who are these indigenous people of Zimbabwe? I personally consider White, Black, Indian, Greeks, Jews, Coloured (mixed race), etc ALL children of Zimbabwe. I consider this same group of people ‘African’ and if you ask them openly, I have no doubt that most will agree with my sentiments. Where else in this world is home for them but Zimbabwe? Most are now third or fourth generation Zimbabweans. I am aware that over a hundred or so years ago the European came to Africa and settled in what is now called Zimbabwe. Today it seems we all lie claim to this nation. Once again, I ask ‘who are these indigenous people of Zimbabwe?’ I guess the next few days and weeks, the answer shall be revealed to us all. We are indeed living in very interesting times.

Aluta Continua…

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