I get it now

Posted on 18/04/2010


I understand now why silence is golden
There are moments in life
When silence is more poignant
More inspirational
More noble
Than this usual nonsense
I get it now

Silence, often interpreted as ignorance
At times reflects great thought
Yet I am left perplexed by the actions of others
I make a serious attempt NOT to judge
For this is not my place
My role already defined
Awaits my own realisation
So I’ll focus on that instead
I get it now

Humility escapes others
I often wonder
Why is humility overlooked?
Silence is key
Reflective thought is embedded in our DNA yet
Ego and pride fail to subside
Insecurity is our worst enemy
I get it now

Often the silent ones know of life’s true meaning
Complete human beings
Acknowledging their true purpose
Embracing and allowing growth to occur
With each step
I get now

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