UK elections 2010

Posted on 15/04/2010


I am very intrigued by this year’s elections. Why? Well…THIS will be the first opportunity I’ve had to vote EVER!! Ideally I would have wanted my first vote to be cast in a Zimbabwean election however this is what happens after years of living in the Diaspora (hate that word). You move countries a few times and miss out on the voters roll in Zimbabwe and now here we are waiting for UK elections 2010. Luckily the UK granted me the opportunity to fulfil my ultimate dream and I’m only a few weeks away from realising it – lucky me 🙂

On the other hand and on a more serious note, I was talking to a colleague today about voting; asked him about voting and how he felt, etc. It turns out he DOESN’T vote! Surprised I asked him why. He said something about how all three parties are the same to him. I almost wish I could understand that way of thinking but I come from a country where voting season is a much anticipated event for all. So choosing NOT to vote seems…um oh well – no comment! I guess if you vote then you have every reason to whine until the next election #amjustsaying

The first of the three debates is on telly tonight – SKY at 8pm. I will definitely be watching that. Trying my best to work out which one of these parties deserves my vote. This morning I started thinking, and at present I’m continuing to research which party will change the current stance on Zimbabwe (because we [most of us] know what they’re doing is wrong). This very point remains imperative in deciding which political party gets my vote – I’m just being honest. I’m sure there are others who share my sentiments. Will touch base later on after tonight’s debate. Luckily for my chosen candidate I won’t be over-analysing the use of ‘hand gestures’ and ‘how they stand’ rather, I’m more interested in the substance – show the money!

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