Should people travel to Zimbabwe?

Posted on 18/03/2010


My response to this issue: –

Choosing to isolate Zimbabwe simply because of what one man and/or his party is alleged to have done is not right by any means. I would ask people to do their homework and thoroughly research the subject matter & the associates involved instead of reading and absorbing ‘the usual negative reports on Zimbabwe’. I’m not a politician by any means however I do think about the actual people of Zimbabwe. The bottom line is the common man on the street is the one that suffers most in these sorts of situations. In all these discussions we have forgotten to think about them. To rebuild our country we need to move on, move forward and the business community is an integral part of that rebuilding process. Tourism was and still is a priority in Zimbabwe not only because of what it can generate for the country financially but also to assist in addressing the misconceptions surrounding Zimbabwe itself. I urge visitors to go to Zimbabwe and see for themselves. I urge people to talk to and communicate with Zimbabweans ‘actually’ living in Zimbabwe – you might be surprised; their tale might be very different to ‘the usual negative reports on Zimbabwe’

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