Ever read?

Posted on 27/02/2010


Tell me have you ever read some real poetry?
Not quite as humbling as reality
Like some real shit
Something that made you stop
And think
Something that made you smile from within?
Something that enhanced your glowing skin?
Have you ever read something that made sense
Not like this usual pretence
Made you realise Tsunami occurs daily
Just not in your city
Ever read something that you could nod your head to?
No beat
No rhythm could compare
No toxins in the air
Just something powerfully profound
Almost like that the message was unlocked from the underground
Ever read a love story
Angelic – related
And positive vibes was subsequently masturbated
Ever read some artwork you really felt?
Walked away and returned
To email the author just to say thank you
Thank you for touching or moving one’s thoughts
From one’s mind, through the mess of the daily grind
To the paperless society that encourages poetry boards
How many poems have ever scored?
Scored a twelve out ten for ugliness?
Coz we all know reality is damn ugly
Ever read something close to your truth?
Like you felt someone was watching your life in TV
And you started wondering if you were really free
Free from the mental abuse
And you wanted to share this new verse with all the youth
Ever read something so tastelessly shallow?
Coz you see,
That shit was so deep
It strolled by and your mind was asleep
You’re too used to the same messages
Different wording
Different flow
Some shit supposedly meant to make you grow
Yet you lacked the capability to read behind the words being read.
Ever read something that made you feel worse?
Too real…you stopped to read another verse
Ever read something like that?

I just found this while looking for something completely different. I remember when I wrote this actually – I was in Zim at the time – in between Oz and here.

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