I sometimes imagine

Posted on 21/02/2010


I imagine your touch sometimes
Cupping your hands in my face
Forehead kisses
Letting me know that love is here to stay
I imagine thanking God every day
                                       every time I pray
I sometimes imagine ferry rides on Sundays
                    jazz on Fridays
         dinner on Tuesdays
Dancing on Saturdays
Followed by in-depth discussions all day
                                          every day
I imagine trying to plait your hair
     with disastrous results
and yet you encourage me to continue
continue trying
I often imagine sensual kisses
That leave me exhausted and full
Knowing that the real task still lies ahead
I imagine
                   the depths of your soul
I imagine hearing your voice
           and instantly reading your mind
The look on your face
A smile I couldn’t replace
             even if I tried
And if I lost it, my soul would surely die
And my family would ask why
Imagine if our relationship
                   was a perpetual courtship
making my heart skip
      each time I heard your name
and your essence was ingrained
in my brain
I imagine you kissing me
Feeling like you’re undressing me
Leaving me completely naked
Love like this? So glad I waited
I sometimes imagine
                      summer holidays
spending money that we saved
holding your hand would be the epitome
                              of tranquility
and all I ever wanted
          was for you to stand next to me
I sometimes imagine….

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