Where is this blog going ‘really’?

Posted on 22/01/2010


I have always written and documented my thoughts; poetry mostly in the last few years as my earlier blog entries will indicate. I make social commentary I guess and tend to write about things that I am passionate about. Things have changed in my own life though. Life is generally even more hectic now with both a day job and my ‘real’ job. I don’t have as much time to sit down and draft poetry like I used. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to just write my art however we need to remain focused on the task at hand here. The entrepreneurial journey is here to stay and is calling loud and clear. There is much work to do.

So getting back to what I’ve been trying to say with this blog entry. I started thinking about what I ‘really’ wanted to achieve with this blog – what’s its purpose really? Well I guess it’s simple – I want to discuss whatever comes to mind especially my continuous and increasing love affair with Zimbabwe and indeed Africa herself. Moving back later this year is now a permanent reality and so my attention has turned to my life there instead. I am consumed with planning, dreaming and trying to prepare. Going home in December 09 reaffirmed all these feelings. The country is waiting for people to invest and start a shop for this or a manufacturer of that. However capital remains a major hindrance to progress. I will discuss this very issue in more detail later on.

Zimbabwe is a young country and the opportunities that exist need to be ‘taken’ by someone literally. We as Zimbabweans have an opportunity to add value, give back by way of resources and skills whilst earning and employing people. I’ve been watching and reading about some of the entrepreneurs on the continent and I am inspired by their own stories or challenges and how they eventually overcame them. I look at people like Strive Masiyiwa of Econet and I can’t help but salute Zimbabweans like that. There are others Herman Mashaba of South Africa or Mo Ibrahim of Sudan and the list goes on. This blog will document my thoughts and my journey giving YOU the reader more detail than before. In the words of Orange (the UK phone company that is), ‘the future is bright’.

Walk with me for a while…