In my dream

Posted on 21/05/2009


In my dream
I stand up for the whole team
The young and old
Especially those who haven’t been told
Not to rely on their ego
And embrace the truth within their soul

In my dream
I attempt to illustrate where I’ve been
Knowing that I can’t do this alone
I’m not the only one in a poetic zone
Trying to share my thoughts and insight
Giving you something to think about late at night

In my dream
I see strong and beautiful queens
I see them triumph over any adversity
I only wish they embraced this reality
Love wouldn’t exist without their role
And we learnt to appreciate the beauty within their soul

In my dream
I love like I did when I was seventeen
With my whole heart and nothing else
And life wasn’t all about chasing wealth
Life ensured some days we walked
And mankind stopped and simply talked.

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