Random thoughts

Posted on 28/12/2008


It seems…

…. Death has a way of deleting vital information. Funerals seem to paint a breathe-taking portrait of reality.
…. Paranoia is a disease mostly common when one is at the top of their game. Everyone becomes a potential enemy. Truth is the cure.

…Babylon forgets we and concentrates on I.

Not now
A time will soon come
Where we meet Jesus, God’s son
Not now, not today.


Lost souls rely on this.
Lack of love
from within

Short-term gain
Results in long-term pain

Entertainment nowadays
is based on this

Why are we so lost?

Who are we?

Black or African Origin?
Bitches or queens?
The colour of deception
….it seems
We are and have been royalty since conception
Why must we continue to fight this truth?

Rule # 1

For one
To truly experience
The gift of life
one must seek love.
To find love is
the meaning of