Feels like home

Posted on 27/11/2008


I am remembering the wide-open spaces
Rivers that meandered
Dams that held livelihood
A trail of children walking from school
The late afternoon
Sunset upon us
Another day
A different kind of way

I am remembering the straight narrow roads
Leading me to places
Leading me to the next settlement
I want to preserve this moment
Settlements that are slightly airbrushed
Airbrushed by the capitalist ways of the west
People are still willing to share
To share the little they own
And vegetables are still home grown
I want to go home

I am remembering simplicity
Free flowing like poetry
Land that stretched endlessly
Tobacco fields that didn’t end
Farm after farm after farm
Producing food for a nation
And I knew the meaning of patience

Life took another turn
So I now reside with them in their world
Yet my heart longs for the homeland
I miss the red dirt
The sunset over the horizon
I miss my people
Laughter from within
And the glow of African skin

And as you lie in my arms
I reminisce
I think about all this
Replaying the journey between Harare and Bulawayo
The things I see
The things I remember
Things I yearn to see again
You lie in my arms
And somehow I am remembering
Remembering because lying in my arms feels like home

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