Posted on 08/11/2008


Some say
Today marks a great day in history
Ultimately it all depends which side of the economic divide one stands
Sadly for most it won’t really matter
Early days yet
Unable to judge whether what happens today affects their daily lives
Time does what time does best
Revealing the truth eventually
But for those residing on the continent
Perhaps a chance for them to make the necessary change

For me
Today is not a great day per say
There have been greater days in the past.
The day he announced his intentions
Spoke of hope
The day she spoke so eloquently about her passions whilst disclosing her health care dream
The day they all spoke in unison
Those too were great days

For me
The greatest day in this apparent short journey
Lay one fine day
When the continents and its inhabitants
Witnessed and seemingly allowed
A black man and a white woman to emerge as candidates of the same party
That day of all days must not be forgotten
Therein lies an important victory

Whatever happens going forward
We should all find solace in the achievements made thus far

(Please note – this joint is a wee bit rough, written in between month end journal entries and everything else in between)

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