A Love song – curve ball mix

Posted on 21/09/2008


When we first met
You made me wet
with no fear
Dinner dates
Coffee and cake
You see I was drawn to you
I was aching to make love to you
Came so close
I had you all worked up & moist
Then I just disappeared
My soul even wept
Many years have since passed
But I know our bond will always last
In your arms I will eventually die
When that times comes, I don’t want you to cry
remember my hands discovering crevices and protrusions
I explored
searching for a translucent kind of solution
Solutions to the very meaning of life
Thank you for being the closest thing to a wife
An ode to my homeland – Africa
Thank you for giving me life
A reason for overcoming my daily strife
I’ll see you soon
Love as always


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