True Story

Posted on 16/06/2008


I often wonder…
…if she even realises the truth
that no matter what happens
Brother man ain’t never gon’ be like Daddy
Sister doesn’t see that yet

Society got the masses thinking
Like this life deal is a constant battle
Who controls versus the rest of us
Seems like we all forgot about trust
Forgot about the kind of love ‘Free-Free’ spoke so eloquently of
Forgot about the ‘real’ reasons why we got involved in the first place
Spitting copious amounts of clichés
‘Baby you complete me’
Can’t live without them we claim
Yet we manage to subject them to our insecurity-inspired actions
Photocopying factions
Mummy versus Daddy situations of old
Sister declaring she ain’t never gon’ be Mummy
For in her mind Mummy is weak
And Sister is strong
Same Sister who meets a good Brother man and runs away
Yet openly declares good Brother men don’t exist
Same Sister who finds a good Brother man and plays defence the whole time
You see Sister doesn’t want to end up like Mummy
All Mummy ever did wrong was to actually trust
And embrace love
Daddy did too
Yet Sister never acknowledges the latter
Only focusing on a one-sided affair
All she seems to recall is abusive Daddy
Verbal or otherwise
So now Sister wanders this sphere very afraid
Afraid to embrace this thing they call love

Meanwhile Brother man knows not of these struggles
Unaware of Sister’s internal battle
You see the Sister struggles
Fighting constantly
With herself
Attempting to deal with societal pressures
So she fires her frustrations at him
Bombarding Brother man with issues that don’t relate to his own actions
No rhyme or reason thinks Brother man
Shrugs and moves on with life
There stands a man
Willing to embrace real love
And yet time is running
Running out I mean
Patience was never his to embrace
True story

*Taken from the ‘For My Sisters’ series