Used to

Posted on 22/04/2008


Many days
Have passed
I lie – years actually
A moment in time perhaps
A time when I used to believe that we all looked within
Within one’s soul to seek the truth
That we identified friends and lifetime partners on this basis
Till real life illustrated my naivety
Used to believe in doing things right
Till I realised that I should instead be doing the right thing
My parents taught me that there’s a difference

Months ago now
Good friends gathered
Vino influenced conversations
Because we all know Vino does that sometimes
Often induces an elevated level of honesty lacking in our normal lives
Friends were kind enough to reiterate the complexities of life
Osmosis – like
The truth sank in once again
A point I had often wrestled with yet finally accepted on this occasion
Money makes this do what it does
Husbands, wives and friends
Often selected purely based on this fact
Plentiful or lack of financial resources often determine the way forward
This is life

I used to give
Till I realised some exist just to take
So now a cautious step has emerged
Life isn’t supposed to be like that though
Often I reminisce of days of old
Love was love
And nothing else
Believed then love would and could conquer
No longer do I believe
Like I said
Money makes this do what it does

There was even a time when I wanted freedom
Now I’ve worked it all out
Money equals Freedom
So I chase that instead
Only to realise therein exists a perpetual marathon race
Millions of us running the same damn race!
Who would’ve thought huh?
People are too quick to judge one another
Too lazy in fact
To open their eyes and once again seek the truth
Ask the question
Decipher the facts
But then again
It’s always easier to make the easy choice

I used to write and share all my art
A part of me wanted the masses to know I could flow it
Suddenly I realised it didn’t matter – I’m always going to be a poet
So now I write to uplift
Remind myself and those who indulge in my version of art
To remain focused
The path already chosen
Open your eyes to realise
Oxymoron as it may seem
But the future is always yours

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