Katrina eerie day

Posted on 02/09/2007


We don’t need to watch CNN eerie day
Matter of fact we don’t need to look too far
Too far from my home
We don’t need to mention cliché type places
Chechnya, Sudan, Niger, Afghanistan and our favourite – Iraq
Cholera infected water
In the world’s greatest democracy
We don’t need BBC
Two and three
What we need is subtle reality
That chick may have come and gone
But these chicks exist in different zones
Just different names
Never mind the blame game
Keep focused on the task at hand
The world map is larger than CNN will have you believe
Never mind the increase in petrol and diesel
What we need is a news channel that’s real
Katrina knocks eerie day on some doors
Ethic cleansing disguised as wars
Often financed by neighbours engaged in scores from Elizabethan days
Tired of Sky News
“Live” reporters not assisting homelessness
Instead assisting in helplessness
Toxic water surrounded for days
Unannounced fires accompanied by gas leaks
While that girl in Niger finds it hard to speak
“Where is the doctor?
Where is my next meal coming from”?
Middle east with its usual crisis
Smug tycoons demand for increases in fuel prices
You see
It shouldn’t have taken Katrina’s effect for us to rethink
Rethink what refugee literally means?
Rethink whether the reaction was based on racial bias
Rethink our motives in life
Damnit we shouldn’t even be analysing God’s intention!
Now we’re calling it a “city of sin”
As if all those people deserved to die
You see
I’m just saying Katrina eerie day
We might call her a different name
It’s probably in a different city
Slightly different country
But disaster and devastation occurs across the globe eerie day
We simply choose to switch channels instead

Written in September 2005