What if I Win?

Posted on 01/04/2007


All those times my soul almost stopped and died
Resistance signified my will to survive
The negativity that surrounds me
Almost infecting everything I believe in
Contaminating my reason for breathing
Yet I still win
The strength always lies within

What if…?
Against all odds
Surviving because of my God
My faith
Why do you think I feel so safe?
What if I win?
Win against the system
That downsizes my capabilities
Drowning my soul in negativity
As if failure was designed specifically for me
Why surround myself with cynical thoughts?
When I should remember what I’ve been taught
That ‘to believe is to achieve’
History has shown
That I am never alone
In my struggles
So I ask
What if I win?

Will my persistence inspire?
Inspire the desire
To win regardless
As I remember how I got this started
I saw another way
I bowed before the Lord to pray
I prayed for the truth
I prayed for the elusive light
When I awoke in the morrow
I was blessed with insight
Now I no longer accept defeat
I walk the street
As if I own it
I walk with certainty
As I gather doses of prosperity
Small amounts that give me hope
Hope for a brighter tomorrow
And no matter what I do
Or all the struggles I’ve been through
I search within
And ask myself this question:
What if I win?

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