Let us pray

Posted on 08/02/2007


Dear God

I bow before you today
I am not perfect and this is why I pray
Yesterday my soul was weak and I called out to you
Today my soul is strong and that’s why I bow before you
You helped me see the light
Kept me from the mental gun fight
Blessed me vision and insight
With you beside me I know things will definitely be alright
Every day I witness beauty in the form of your work
I want to dedicate my life to healing your hurt
I sense the pain you feel
This is why I’ve been perfecting this poetic skill
I want to use it to ease your pain
Show them that no matter what happens – YOU still reign!
Explain why you had to send your son
Inspire them so they know that we shall overcome
Lord allow me to strengthen our whole belief system
Remind them to take kids to Sunday school for instance
Teach so we can all learn to appreciate the word
And embrace those who haven’t really heard
And truly learn how to love
Lest we forget we are in no position to judge

In Your name I pray


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