I am a poet – the anthem

Posted on 07/02/2007


I am one of God’s sons
A spiritual being
With human feelings
I am a son
Eve and Elliot’s son
A brother
I am Angie’s brother
I am a nephew
An uncle
I am family
I am a poet

I am describing my thoughts
Sharing lessons taught
I am your conscience
That voice deep within
Holding you back from a life of sin
I am the colour of sound
The blackness in you
Holding your hand in all that you do
I am creation
I am strength and weakness fused into one
I am the moon, the earth and the hot African sun
I am a poet

I am prescribing
Describing energy
Different forms
Kinetic or otherwise
As I continue to philosophise
I begin to realise
That I am the song you won’t forget
The best friend you won’t neglect
I am the fury that resides in you
Like a lunatic I walk around screaming
And raving
Suddenly I stop
As I realise that I am in you

I am rhythm
Dancing the night away
I am a darker shade of grey
I am the epitome of freedom
Free from the mental abuse
The genuine article with no excuse
The realness of real
Documenting exactly what I see and how I really feel

I am African
Zimbabwean to be precise
I am your reality check throughout life
Your ego
Touching places in your mental
I am love and hate all rolled up
I am good and bad
Happy and sad
Just crazy and mad
I am light
I am day
With a shade of darker than grey
I am love’s creation
At times temperamental I have to mention
I am lost in oblivion
Yet I am found
I am the questions you might want to ask
A little soul food at last
The thoughts you won’t easily share
Written truth so you know that I care
You ask why?
Why I try?
Simply because I am a poet

I am music
Creating so you use it
I am the beat of the drum
The heat of the sun
A brand new day
A different kind of way
Think of me as a preacher
A social commentator or a simply a teacher
Teaching so we can both learn
Supporting one another at each and every turn
I yearn to grow
In my attempt to decipher the existence of my soul
It is then that I finally embrace this moment
The moment I realise I am finally a poet

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