A Woman’s Love

Posted on 29/01/2007


The closest thing to God’s love is the love from a woman 
The love that existed way before birth 
One of the greatest loves here on earth 
The concern in her words 
Prescribing health remedies you never heard 
Completely unconditional 
The warmth in her heart 
As she multi-tasks without falling apart 
Decisions made exclusively 
Strength, compassion and humility 
An embrace that still brings worldly serenity 
And the touch 
And the fuss 
(I miss my Mum so much) 
Small gestures of thoughtfulness 
A pinch of vulnerability mixed with finesse 
And a healthy dosage of sensitivity 
Please beware 
She only fusses because she cares 
She remembers your birthday 
And what you had for dinner yesterday 
For Mum and Angie I thank the Lord above 
I’m just trying to describe a woman’s love 

I wrote this in 2003

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